Cork Week 2008

We have worked with the Royal Cork Yacht Club on the design elements of Cork Week for over 6 years. This event is billed as one of the worlds best regattas hosted by the worlds oldest yacht club. Nutshell and Kieran Dwyer have been excited by there association over the years and have gained great experience in the particular design challenges a sporting event like this presents.












Over our long involvement we have provided; Identity design, Notice of Race, Sailing Program and Sailing Instruction publications for both print and online use, including ad design and course illustration, Website front end design, ticketing design, signage and hoarding design not to mention the advertising of the event itself.


Events like this don't happen without sponsorship and so the regatta has been an ever changing entity in that respect, from The Ford Motor Company to ACC Bank we have used and stayed true to existing identities, in years when sponsorship has been less all encompassing we have created new ones all the while staying true to the spirit of a sporting event renowned the world over to be the best on and off the water.