Orchard Gardens Plans

Orchard Gardens Development

Orchard Gardens is a large development situated at Dennehy's Cross in the heart of Cork City. The development is split into two different builds. Residential apartments and blocks set aside for retail outlets.

The client wanted an overall image for the development yet showing the build has two distinct faces. The key message to convey was the fact that Orchard Garden's is in a perfect location for city living, yet quiet enough to feel as if you are away from it all. On the other hand, ideal for retail because of the central location.






















































To the right are the two brochures for Orchard Gardens. One for the residential development and one for retail. The retail brochure was a 4 page brochure describing the retail opportunities Orchard Gardens has to offer. Both brochures are 225mm x 350mm. The residential brochure contains a smaller brochure containing plans of the 8 levels of the development.

Imaginative use was made of the 'apple' branding on the brochures. Use of colour and imagery were also important considerations, which helped create the eye-catching and innovative look.

Below the brochures are two examples of panels that were printed and put up on the fencing around the development.

Orchard Gardens Retail
Orchard Gardens Residential
Orchard Gardens Panels