Nutshell Helpful Hints


Website Briefing


What is the site for?
What does it need to do?
What is your objective?

A Note:
One sentence only.
Simple example:
To support in establishing Nutshell as the agency of choice for anyone who wants to create better Design, Identity, Web, Marketing and Events.


What’s the strategy?
Who do you want to hit with this website?
What do you want them to do?
Why do you want them to do it?

A Note:
The strategy will outline the who, what, and why of the website.
How are you going to achieve the objective you just developed?

Simple Example:
To convince… the relevant buyers/clients who want better Design, Identity, Web, Marketing and Event services
to use… Nutshell
instead of… any other agency
because… Nutshell services are more relevant to them, can offer a more complete service and do a better job.

Generation of sales leads
Brand and Public awareness
Generation of market research and demo graphics information
Customer support (Technical information, feedback, etc)
Online Sales (eCommerce)
Distribution of information (support documents, for example)

Determine your Site Content

Describe your company.
Do you need to sell online? is it an eCommerce site or a brochure site?
What do you sell/what is your service?
What product/service do you want to promote, what is the hierarchy of these products/services?
How can these products/service be broken down into sections?
What are these sections?
Do you have text/photography on your product/section listings or would you like this written? Does a photographer need to be commissioned?
Specific copy written for web can really improve your sites ranking.
Will the sites content be driven or supplied by any other engine or application?
Do you need a search facility?
How does the site architecture and navigation support the focus of the site?
How does the design appeal to the target audience? Will it cause users to follow the path laid out in the site strategy?
Is a news section a consideration?
Is a ‘blog’ a consideration?

A note:
Blogs can identify a sub-set of particularly generous contributors and create a section of their website that appeals to this audience. Also build a database of prospective purchasers. Blog publishers can use strategy to formulate an editorial direction that increases readership. And in some cases, this plan can help rein in a client who is eager to add additional features, widgets, and gizmos. Blogs can also improve optimisation. This can be open to misuse if not monitored.

Determine your Site Audience

Who do you want to view the site?

Determine your Site’s Reach

Where are your audience?

Site User Roles

Who is going to run/update the site?
Does the site need to be content managed?
If so how much of the site needs this management?
Is there the facility to adjust images in-house?

Other Considerations

A Note:
Are you meeting our business objectives with your current website?
What information do you already have?
What information do we want to collect?
Feedback forms
Contact forms
Registration mechanisms

How can we add value to our site?

How can you make the site more valid/of value to users to encourage its use and recommendation?

Now how are you going to promote this site?


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